This is an translated copy of the official message from
the Norwegian Airsoft Assosiations.

More detailed information can be found in the
Norwegian Laws concering Arms § 7, § 10 og § 29

Seeing as  you are reading this, it is a possibility that you have a child that owns or have shown interest in airsoft. The Norwegian Airsoft Association is aware that some airsoft models, like pistols and rifles that need to be choked for each shot is to be found in the hands of young kids. It is very important that you, as an adult, take the use of airsoft weapons seriously and are aware of the fact that these weapons are not toys.

Airsoft pistols, rifles are dangerous for your eyes. The 6mm pellet they fire will, most likely, render a person blind or leave you with serious eye damage if you are directly hit. Being hit is also uncomfortable; small animals are most vulnerable to the small projectiles. Therefore we stress the fact that playing airsoft should only happen in an organized fashion by a club with NASF membership and that you use the recommended protection.

By Norwegian law it is set an age limit of 18 years to own/buy airsoft weapons in Norway. The rules for “weapons, arms and ammo” apply even for airsoft weapons. Failing to adhere to these laws may result in up to 2 years in jail. It is by the Norwegian Law the parent’s responsibility to make sure their kids do not use airsoft weapons as toys. Should an incident occur the parents will be legally accountable. All, serious, shops in Norway selling airsoft gear are following this law, but then it’s your responsibility as the parent not to buy airsoft weapons for your kids.

If your child has an interest for shooting we will ofcourse say that airsoft is a nice way to «learn the basics» before moving over to the real deal, but we still advice that parent keep control over the weapon. There is nothing wrong if you as a parent would like to shoot targets together with your children, but remember that you, as a parent, must always stay in control and that you are the responsible one. When not in use we recommend that the weapons stay locked away at all times. If the child learns good weapon control, and a good weapon culture, it might be a positive thing.

There has been several incidents with children shooting at random people and/or brought the weapon to school. This is be both illegal and dangerous. In the worst cases airsoft guns have been used by teenagers for armed robberies. Parents are legally punishable for criminal acts the child does before the age of 15. Breakingof the law regarding “weapons, rifles and ammo” does not go unpunished by the Police. You are within your full right by the law, to take control over or even destroy your childs weapon.