Cheating or any other types of rule breaking might lead to personal restrictions by the Game Masters. In addition to these rules, please see NASFs rules. The following rules are based on the National Rules, but tailored to fit RAS and with some weight on MilSim aspects. Rules are only tailored in a way that makes them as equal to or stricter than the National Rules!

Since there is no public version of the NASF rules in English, please ask us if you have any questions .


The Norwegian Airsoft Associations rules on FPS (Feet per Second) apply. If you bring a new weapon it needs to be chroned to find its average FPS muzzle velocity. Let us know and we will bring a Chronograph. (Random checks may occur through the year).

0-300 fps: Approved for close quarters, but only at single shot.

0-350 fps: Full auto. Common sense applies. Use the BANG-rule on short distances.

350-450 fps: Single shot only, 20 meters safety distance.

450-550 fps: Bolt action only. 30 meters safety distance

We play with low-cap magazines, aka magazines that takes less than 100 rounds. Preferably as close to the real deal as possible. We do accept the fact that many guns come with high-cap magazines and will accept this for new players. If you are an active player and have played a while we would recommend that you buy low-cap.

The «BANG»-rule

If one is able to sneak up on another player one shall use the «BANG»-rule instead of shooting the player one snuck up on. You say «BANG» to indicate that the player, that you snuck up on, is dead. This is to avoid any unecessary injuries. The «BANG»-rule can also be used in the bunker. If one is to use the «BANG»-rule is is necessary for the user to have a CQG legal weapon. One can not use the «BANG»-rule if one is not able to fire upon one’s designated target. Meaning, if you’re out of BBs, gas or have flat battery one can not use the «BANG»-rule.

Close Quarter/CQB

Quote from the NASF rules: «Common Sense must be used when playing around buildings. The area, 10 meters, around and closer is to be seen as indoors.»

RAS has several bunkers in the game area and these are used regularly. To avoid any dangerous situations Close Quarter rules apply for these at all time. Only single shot is allowed.

«Weapon without owner». Some might already have heard about this and it is almost self-explaining. This rule applies when a person, in cover, lifts his weapon out of cover to shoot without seeing what he is shooting at. This is NOT allowed. To avoid dangerous situations, you must see what you are shooting on. Before shooting you must shoulder your weapon. Stock to shoulder.

40mm grenades takes out all the personnel inside a bunker. The pellets must hit the bunker. In addition the person firing the grenade must shout: Bunker 1 (small one), or Bunker 2 (Large one) is destroyed. People inside the bunker are to put on their death rag and play dead.


Smoke grenades are generally not allowed during the summer, due to that the area gets relay dry.

Homemade or bought items that say «BANG!: is not allowed. Only exception is in game items supplied by the Game Masters.


This rule only applies if nothing else is said during the game brief.

10 minutes spawn time from the time you arrive at the spawn area. This applies at all-times unless said otherwise.


Exceptions from these rules may occur during game breif.

1 Medic pr. 5. man in a squad. Every single player should make sure he/she has 2 white bands to use at as bandage. A medic is allowed to carry up to 10 bandages. The way it works is when you are hit a medic can heal you. When healing you a bandage has to be applied on your arm or leg. This can be done only twice, but the third time you’re hit you’re out and you need to go to the respawn. When spawning you may remove any bandages that have been applied. A medic uses 2 minutes to heal you by a hand on your person. If you are being healed by a «normal» soldier the process takes 10 minutes. All healings are to be done while both the medic and injured individual are sitting. Do not use the injured as a human shield. Medics and infantry are able to «drag» or «carry» the injured person away from the line of fire. This is to be done realistically. If unsure ask for a demonstration. Bleeding time is set to 5 minutes. That means that if you are hit you MUST put on a death-rag and stay for at least 5 minutes before you can move back to spawn. The medic must start the healing process during the first 15 minutes of you being hit. Remember to bring a watch.

Knife kills are not used, but if you get close enough to a player use the «BANG»-rule.

Dead men tell no tale… They do not speak. Not even with other dead players. They can talk on the way back to spawn. They are allowed to shout «medic» to get the medics attention. Most importantly, you remember nothing. When respawning play as if you just arrived.

If you, at any time, is unsure if you were hit or not… THEN YOU WERE HIT! Everything except hits to the weapon counts as hits. When you are hit lie down and shout «hit». A death-rag must be applied as fast as possible. If you do not have one… GET ONE! A death-rag is a red or orange cloth or another item that is possible to apply as head-gear, the larger the better, but at least as large as an A4 paper. A signal-vest is also accepted. People not taking hits are seen as a serious offense in airsoft. It is irritating for other players and creates a bad environment. If a person is repeatedly reported for not taking hits the person will receive a warning. If it continues the person will be sent home!

Prisoners of war are not allowed, unless told otherwise.


As of 2015 all PMR radios are illegal to use if one does not have a license from Nkom or a radio amateur license. Should one show up the a RAS game with a radio we will assume you have either the Nkom license or a radio amateur license.

Same thing applies for Zodiac radioes.

Bowman radioes are not, in any way, illegale and does not require any license.

Game Stop

At any time, if a person screams «Game-off», everyone hearing this are to repeat the message. This is to make sure everyone hears the call for «Game-off».

If a real life serious injury should occur, the Game Masters are to be notified immediately. If you see that the person needs medical attention do not hesitate calling an ambulance, 113.

If civilians enter the gaming area make other players aware of it. Shout «Civilian» or if required «Game Pause». The Game Masters must also be informed. The game continues when the Civilian has left the game area. If there is need to talk to the person, put down your weapon before approaching the individual. Remember that we are NOT allowed to refuse them access to the area!

For some, this may see as a lot of rules, but remember: safety first. Remember also that it is your friends you are shooting at and you should take the necessary actions to avoid injuries.


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