Club Regulations

1. General

§ 1 – The club is named Rogaland Airsoft, acronym «RAS».

§ 2 – The club is based on voluntary work by the club members.

§ 3 – The club’s intention is to gather the Airsoft interested, in Rogaland. The club shall keep a high acceptance and a good social community.

§ 4 – The club is a member of the Norwegian Airsoft Association.

§ 5 – The club and it’s members shall distance itself and themselves from extreme political groups and views.

§ 6 – The club have a set age limit of 16 years of age.

2. Members

§ 1 – Members can be excluded from the club if the member intentionally harms the clubs reputation, or act on the clubs behalf without the consent of the club.

§ 2 – Trail games is required of any person that wants to be a member of RAS. This is partly to see if the person fit to join, and partly to give the person the opportunity to test Airsoft.

§ 3 – Members with extreme political views are not welcome in RAS. This will lead to exclusion from the club.

3. Special exceptions from the club regualtions.

§ 1.0 –Any member of RAS can be a guardian for a family member or friend.

§ 1.1 – One year active membership is require for this (§ 1.1)

§ 1.2 – A RAS member must be atleast 18 years of age.

§ 1.3 –Guardian and underage individual shall follow own rules concerning guardian.

4. Annual meeting and club-board.

§ 1.1 – The ruling branch of the club is the club board. (RAS Styret)

§ 1.2 – The club board consists of 6 members.

§ 1.3 – The board members are elected on a highest vote call, and serves for 2 years.

§ 1.4 – The club’s board shall have an «outside» member of the group ready to enter for any board members who has to resign.

§ 2– An annual meeting, open for all members, is held around November each year.

§ 3 – A board-meeting is held in the spring of each year, before the end of April.

§ 4 – All paying members have the right to vote and add their own propositions / policy changes for the annual meeting.

§ 5 – All suggestions and cases are passed when with the majority of the votes.

§ 6 – Any suggestions or cases that are to be discussed in the annual meeting must be put forward 1 month before the meeting.

§ 7 – Invitation and topic list will be sent out, atleast, 14 days before the meeting.

§ 8 –Invitation to the annual meeting is sent out via email.

5. Rules

§ 1 – Rogaland Airsoft Club, and its members, are obligated to follow the national rules set by the Norwegian Airsoft Association.

§ 2 – The club and its members are obligated to follow the Regulations and Rules set by the club.

§ 3 – Guardians and underage individuals are also obligated to follow the rules for guardians and underage individuals.

§ 4.1 – All gas / HPA weapons with an external tank are to be chronoed before any game.

§ 4.2 – All gas / HPA weapons with an external tank can not be altered during a game.

§ 4.3 – All gas / HPA weapons with an external tank are to be locked after the chroning, with a tournament lock.

§ 4.4 – All gas / HPA weapons with an external tank with a tournament lock from a previous game does not have to be chronoed again if the lock is intact.

6. Treasury

§ 1 – RAS is a non-profit organization. All the funding goes to cover the club’s expenses. The funds are also used to buy materials that profit the club.

§ 2 – The board members shall not receive any payment for their role on the club’s board.

§ 3 – The board is responsible for the clubs property, while the treasurer have the day to day responsibility of the club’s assets.

§ 4 – The annual fee is set during the annual meeting.

7. Termination

§ 1 – The club is to arrange at least 2 voluntary work events (dugnad) each year

§ 2 – Members are expected to attend atleast one of these events each year.

8. Termination

§ 1 – The club cease to exist when it’s no longer is possible to form a new board.

§ 2 – In the case of termination, all property and funds will be donated to a charity, chosen by the last elected board.

8. Changes to the regulations

§ 1 – Propositions for changes in the regulation are to be sent, in written form, to the board members, 1 month before the annual meeting. The request for change is to be sent to all paying members 14 days before the annual meeting. Regulations can only be changed at the annual meeting.

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