Capital: Oslo
Etnic Groups: 99% Southlanders
Demonym: Southy
Goverment: Monarchy
King: King Bjarne the Unfortunate
Constitution: 19 August 1835
Population: 2 689 422 People (3Mil Moose)
Exports: Weaponry, Timber and Oil
Militaryspendings: 4 % of national budget

In the year 780 AD the Coastland Empire was formed, during forced unification by King Langskjegg Fiskarsson. The Coastland Empire was heavy European trade nation, and traces of Coastlandians can be found as far away as todays India.

The Empire flourished under the reign of King Langskjegg Fiskarsson and his kind. But as time passed by, the growing social differences carved an artificial boarder true the Empire. Dividing the South and the North. South being the rich part, close to the capital and short sea routs to other nations. The North having long and harsh winters, far from the capital and long trade routes, meant that most of the population lived in poverty.

On Friday 13. February 1822 at the death of King Teigen VII, nicknamed the “Lazy king”, Civil War broke out. I was a short and cold civil war, ending with a collapse of the Coastland Empire. The Northlanders used this opportunity to sign a Constitution on the 15th of May 1823.

The remaining Coastland Empire, now only being the South, found themselves shocked and insulted by Northlands claim for independence. But due to lack of resources and manpower on each side, a peace treaty was sign shortly after.

The Coastland Empire was as this point still without a king, as King Teigen VII had no wife, son or daughter. The Empire decided to leave the question on who will take over the throne for later, and let the county be ruled by the Peoples Council of Hamar. A solution that was not great, but kept the Empires Economy intact and keep the standards of living at almost the same level. It was not before 19th August 1835, that the Empire finally disappeared, where the country was renamed Southland and a new constitution was signed. A new King was elected from another European royal family. King Daneborg Olmagason was crowned king on the 25th August 1835.

Southland was from the start a well-organized and rich part of the Coastland Empire, and the economy have grown ever since the new constitution of 1835. Southland is regarded as the best place to live 10 years in a row. With high salaries and a world class school and health system. Only troubled by the many moose attacks each year, with high sesson during Summer. These Moose attacks would also be the end of King Daneborg Olmagason, when he in 1866 during an camping trip was attacked and killed by a moose. Leaving the crown to his oldes son, King Halmar II, also known as the “Moose King”.

In 1955 Northland found large oil riches by drilling deep into the Sea. Southland, never had thought about this possibility, started looking themselves for their own riches. And in 1972, they found several oil fields, and production started in high gear, in a desperate attempt to keep up with Northland. Southland did not choose the same model as Northlands “Whale Oil Fund”. It would have been seen as a great disgrace to copy the Northlanders. Southland therefor are using their great oil riches on school, health and infrastructure. Keeping a level of living, that nobody in World can match.

But even if life is good to Southland, the ever growing treat from Northland as grown to the unbearable. Southland knows about the idea people in the North have, to reunite the two countries to their former glory of the Empire, an idea Southland have no interest in. This has forced Southland to react to this new treat from is former sister country. Because they see that the cold northern winter is coming.

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