Capital: Tromsø
Etnic Groups: 75% Northlanders 25% Sami
Demonym: Northy
Goverment: Republic
President: Mr Steinar Bastesen
Constitution: 15 May 1823
Population: 1 456 286 people (6 Mil Deer)
Exports: Whale- , Fish and Oil Industry
Militaryspendings: 4 % of national budget

In the year 780 AD the Coastland Empire was formed, during forced unification by King Langskjegg Fiskarsson. The Coastland Empire was heavy European trade nation, and traces of Coastlandians can be found as far away as todays India.

The Empire flourished under the reign of King Langskjegg Fiskarsson and his kind. But as time passed by, the growing social differences carved an artificial boarder true the Empire. Dividing the South and the North. South being the rich part, close to the capital and short sea routs to other nations. The North having long and harsh winters, far from the capital and long trade routes, meant that most of the population lived in poverty.

On Friday 13. February 1822 at the death of King Teigen VII, nicknamed the “Lazy king”, Civil War broke out. I was a short and cold civil war, ending with a collapse of the Coastland Empire. The Northlanders used this opportunity to sign a Constitution on the 15th of May 1823.

The remaining Coastland Empire, now only being the South, found themselves shocked and insulted by Northlands claim for independence. But due to lack of resources and manpower on each side, a peace treaty was sign shortly after.

After the creation of their own country, Northland was kept out in the cold by the international community, due to that most international nations supported the Coastland Empire (Southland) King, and his family’s claim to the throne and land.

Due to the total loss of all diplomatic relations and trade partners heir economy was in ruins, and poverty and death was all around. It was not before 1830, that Southland accepted Northlands claim for independence. During this period many old trading partners started accepting Northland goods, and opened diplomatic relations again.

This was an opportunity Northland used well, and put what money they had in building an trading fleet, and made sure to boost school projects around the county with the aim of education all youth into higher jobs.

In 1955 this finally paid off in the full, when the idea of possible large oil fields under the Coastal Sea just outside the coast of Northland. In 1960 they stuck gold, and oil production when into full gear, and since 1966 State owned oil companies has been pumping oil from the Coastal Sea. The incomes from these oilfields are mostly used to fund military expenditures and put into the world famous Whale Oil Fund, earning Northland lots of money each year.

In the last couple of years under the leadership of President Bastesen and the now growing whale exports, the economy in Northland is stronger than ever. As the county grows stronger, there has been a growing wish for Northland to reunite North and South into the old Coastland Empire, under Northland rule. A wish fully supported by Mr Steinar Bastesen.

Northland wished to see the reunification of South and North to the old empire. To reach this goal, Northland has boosted their Military budget and has now a historic all-time high Military size. Ready, trained and morally supported aim at reaching the goal of an united North- and Southland.

Uniform Camoflauge Paterns:
-Norsk Lyng